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Marrakech Argan presents a world full of health, flavor, beauty and well-being. with a wide range from the Moroccan tradition.

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Marrakech argan


Production d'huile d'argan au Maroc
For centuries, argan oil has been part of daily life and food in Morocco. Historically, it is considered an elixir of life ensuring health and beauty. Even without knowing exactly the active ingredients, Berbers have long known the “magic” therapeutic properties of their oil. We have visited Berber villages countless times and on each trip, Moroccan families and doctors have told us surprising anecdotes about the effectiveness of the oil. Based on the research carried out by Professor Rachid Soulimani, a famous phytopharmacology specialist at the University of Metz (France), Professor Robert Owen (German Cancer Research Center, DKFZ - Heidelberg) and Moroccan Professor Zoubida Charrouf, the properties of traditionally exploited argan oil have been revealed by numerous scientific works.